9+ Modern Office Space from Around the World

9+ Modern Office Space from Around the World

As today’s business world continues to evolve in numerous ways, office spaces have undergone a dramatic revitalization. Whereas offices of the past felt they were not complete unless they had cubicle after cubicle for employees to sit in hour after hour isolated from one another, today’s modern offices with interior glass doors and partitions are just the opposite.

Realizing it’s much better to do away with isolation and instead give employees the chance to see and interact with one another while feeling energized by the natural light that passes through, more and more employers have taken a liking to glass doors, partitions, and walls in an effort to improve not only the looks of the office but also employee productivity and efficiency. If you’ve got an office that’s in need of a serious makeover, here are five benefits you’re sure to gain by having a modern office space.

Their minds will be in a kick-ass mode and the output of their work will be much greater.

Whether you’re working from home or from an office I think it’s pretty safe to say that the environment you’re in can make a big difference in the work you produce. A creative workplace is more likely to have a positive impact on your mood as well as the level of inspiration and motivation.

Below we have compiled a nice round-up of modern offices from all around the globe.

Red Bull Cape Town Offices

modern office red bull (sources: officesnapshots.com)

And right after you thought you had enough Red Bull lately, too. Well here are their Cape Town offices (London here, Amsterdam here).

The space was designed by COA, a Cape Town-based Architecture firm who had the following to say about it:

“The National Headquarters houses the professional business functions of Red Bull energy drink, and at the same time is representative of the energy and dynamic nature of Red Bull, the people that work for Red Bull and the athletes and opinion leaders that use Red Bull every day to realize their dreams and ideas.

The design makes use of content obtained from Red Bull cultural opinion leaders including artists, musicians and Athletes who represent the brand in their respective disciplines.

The office is an open, creative hub where all employees, athletes, artists, photographers, designers, DJs, musicians, producers, agencies, brand partners, journalists and Red Bull visitors are made welcome and want to hang out in.“

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

9mmedia’s Wonderfully Modern Office Space

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

9mmedia is a 10-year old software company based in New York City that builds iPhone, iPad, and Android apps as well as web apps for companies such as Shape Magazine, Akamai, and the Museum of Natural History.

The company’s first office was an apartment which eventually was upgraded for a 10-person office that used to belong to Spike Lee. Their latest space once belonged to Jim Henson’s Studios and was found in an extreme state of disarray and was in need of a major overhaul.

Brian Wiesenthal, one of the company’s founders notes that the space was “totally demolished, no ac, electric, sprinklers, etc, aside from 16 foot exposed terra cotta tiled ceilings, brick walls, and a cool mezzanine with the of course necessary gold lion heads every 10ft.”

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

PONS + HUOT’s Futuristic Bubbly Offices

Today’s offices, designed by Christian Pottgiesser for PONS + HUOT.

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

“The project accommodates the headquarters of two companies in Paris – PONS and HUOT – with totally fifteen executives. Consequently the unit has seven individual rooms for each director and one open-space-office for the remaining eight clerks. In addition there is one (divisible) meeting-room, a common recreational room, a kitchen, rest rooms, and, at the special request of the patron, lush vegetation all over the main space.

The base for the construction was a rotten industrial hall built in the late 19th century with a steel framework typical for the period. It is rumoured that Gustave Eiffel realized it.

To start with, the hall was completely restored. A new self-cleaning glass roof was fitted. The whole substance of the building was put back into the original state.

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

A Doubleshot of TNT Express’ New Offices

I posted a few images of TNT Express’ new sustainable office in December, but recently came across quite a few more shots of the space.  Enjoy!

LEGO Denmark Modern Office Space

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

This morning we showed off a few shots of LEGO’s space in Denmark, but this afternoon we are lucky enough to have images from another section of the facility. Designed by Rosan Bosch, the space has much more of what you’d expect: LEGO.

Located in Billund, Denmark, the office was designed with values like ‘fun’, ‘unity’, ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’, ‘imagination’, and ‘sustainability’ in mind. After all, working at LEGO should be fun, and creating an environment where all of these ideas intersect is an important goal.

Norton Rose – Canberra Offices

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

From the architect, Carr:

“The views of Canberra’s natural surroundings provide a strong connection to place throughout the workfloor. Canberra’s unique urban planning and relationship to indigenous Australia has strongly influenced design decisions from the creation of graphic and signage details to the selection of colour.

iCrete’s Office – Beverly Hills

iCrete is essentially a think tank, but one that thinks about concrete. Their office won Contract Magazine’s award fro best small office of 2011.

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

Art Lebedev Design Studio

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

The company responsible, Art Lebedev Studio, headquartered in Moscow, has a very unique office styling that is fairly uncommon for Office Snapshots. I decided that each space is basically the equivalent of a home office desk, with the decorations and clutter that just about every office space seems to collect. The fun thing about this space is that we can actually see it.

Mode:lina Offices

If you want to furnish your office inexpensively, you could go to IKEA. Or, better yet, you could make your furniture yourself. That’s probably a bad option for most people, actually, but not if you’re an architecture firm with a keen eye for design. Mode:lina, an architecture and consulting firm in Poznan, Poland, used OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to create almost the entire interior of their office, including the bookcases, the flooring, and the desks, (although the desk tops have been covered with artificial leather). If Apple made an OSB iMac, they’d be using that, too.

Discovery Channel Offices – Netherlands

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

I grew up watching Discovery Channel. Ants, Monkees, Scuba Divers, Amazonian Tribes, Racecars; anything that was on was fascinating. While I now have less time to watch television, and no tv set to actually watch it on, I still feel a strange connection with the channel. (poor segue)

The New MTV Berlin Offices

(sources: officesnapshots.com)

The space was designed by Dan Pearlman Architects and has quite a wonderful open feel to it. The colors are bright, they pot, but are also flat and easy on the eyes. The space boasts game areas, large general seating areas under leaf-like woodwork, tons of natural light, and a great looking reception area with a killer logo.

Having a great modern office means to create an awesome workplace for the employees. When people are doing a job, whatever it is, a well-designed office with relevant and/or inspirational and motivational elements is a very good thing for the workers, whether it is a highly colorful or minimalist design.

All images are © their listed firm/photographer

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