9+ Best Disney Bedroom Ideas and Designs for 2018

9+ Best Disney Bedroom Ideas and Designs for 2018

The magic of Disney has always captivated kids and adults alike. That’s why it’s not surprising that some parents go to great lengths to transform their kids’ bedrooms into enchanted abodes.

If you are struggling to come up with children’s room ideas, consider a Disney room design! Whether you don’t know the first thing about kids’ room decor, want to fix up a boys room, or need a few girls’ room decorating ideas, we have you covered with the following 19+ Disney room decorating ideas. You may not find exactly what you are looking for in this list, but that’s okay; you are sure to at least find a LOT of inspiration! From Alice in Wonderland to Zurg, Disney has something for everyone – it’s just a matter of how you will incorporate your favorites into your own home.

Mickey & Minnie Bedroom Ideas Design

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Some of the best Disney rooms are surprisingly simple, as the one shown here. The clean white of every part of the room, from the walls and window treatments to the rug, do not portray anything but crisp. However, the room comes alive with the addition of the bright and cheerful bedding. This simple addition energizes the entire space. If you are stuck for boys’ room decorating ideas, want to pump up a kitchen, or just wish to bring some fun and magic into your home, remember that Disney room themes can be brought together in the simplest of ways!

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Snow White Princess & Friends

A Disney room is an excellent base for girls room decorating ideas, as there are so many things that can be done. For instance, pretty much every little girl dreams of being a princess at some point. When furnishing a room for more than one, it is a great idea to use matching sets like you see here to avoid any arguments of who gets what – and it makes shopping easier. Little adornments can make a great impact, such as crystal bed post knobs and decals in unexpected places (check out the fan!). A lamp placed in front of a mirror can also maximize light with darker walls.

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Paws and Prints

Some Disney room ideas start with a favorite movie and then take a surprising twist with where they go. For instance, in this room, the spots from the dalmatians play the starring role. The dog’s red collars provide the inspiration of how to break up the monotony of the black and white. Choosing red curtains and matching bed sheets that peak out from under the made beds make the room come together in perfect fashion. To complete the look, a red lamp is placed on the table, and the happy pups look on in approval!

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Frozen Bedroom Ideas

This design is really cool for the main color it uses, purple, as opposed to the ice blue that is traditionally used in Frozen-inspired designs. This shows that there really are no rules to creating the perfect Disney room. The paint you use, furniture you place and home decor are what you have to look at and live with all day, so you should use whatever speaks to your heart. As you can see, going against the norm works out quite well; I am sure these little princesses love going to sleep every night in their beautiful room!

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Disney room themes come to life quickly with wall murals. Making one wall a focal point can make coming up with the rest of the girls room decorating ideas a cinch. Murals are detailed enough so that the rest of the room can be simple without looking so, as seen here. The simple bed is accented with pink sheers and a bedspread that in itself is not Disney home decor, but it works because it is not overwhelming. When using a graphic as intense as this, keep other items simple.

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Finding Nemo

Kids room ideas can come from anywhere. This boys room decor at first glance seems as it is merely based on our favorite little lost fish Nemo, but is so much more. The room is large, but with accommodations for three, it was necessary to capitalize on the space as much as possible to keep it from being overcrowded. This is accomplished by custom beds featuring built-in drawers, along with the aft section of the boats doubling as table areas. This triple-play in the space means a more open area for the kids to move about and play.

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It means no worries, for the rest of your days. Design ideas and home decorations need not strike fear into your soul. Timon and Pumba taught Simba a valuable lesson with their worry-free philosophy, and it is one we could all learn from. If you do not have the means to hire a professional to paint a mural (set off here with quarter-round), use your imagination. You could easily recreate the look with a large poster or two. Pick window and bed treatments that match the them, and use Disney room decorations to complete your look.

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Monster’s Inc

Are you stuck for boys room ideas? Look no further than Disney’s monsters Mike Wazowski and Scully for some inspiration! The favorited university duo wanted to be ‘Scarers’ but ended up in the hearts of kids everywhere. Just like they overcame their differences to become the best of friends, you can overcome any design issue you come across with a little ingenuity. For example, a recess became the perfect place for an extra long dresser here, and the designer didn’t let a lack of doors stop them from bringing the movie to life with a little paint!

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A Cars-inspired bedroom

A Cars-inspired bedroom is a classic if you are stuck for boys room decorating ideas. The bright yellow walls are checked with muted colors along the racetrack to simulate the cheering fans and is offset with the darker border by the ceiling. Lightning McQueen is victoriously crossing the finish line with his faithful companion Mater at his side. The plain blue comforter balances the checkered headboard that will have the little man in your life dreaming of winning his own races. Red throw pillows and toy cars from the movie bring the room together.

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How to create a Disney room decoration for your kids’ room?

I hope you loved these Disney rooms as much as I did. Did it help you come up with your own kids room ideas? One of the things that make these types of rooms so intriguing is there is so much you can do and so much to pick from. If you do not want to go with a typical princess room for a girl, there is nothing wrong with doing it up Lion King-style! Maybe you are stuck for boys room ideas because your son doesn’t seem to like the same types of things that other boys do. Give him Donald Duck, if that is his thing.

When decorating your child’s room, be sure to include them in the decisions. It will bring you closer and provide special bonding time, and you never know what you might learn. Kid’s minds are full of all kinds of things we don’t know about, and it is always amazing to learn what gets them excited. Their imaginations are endless, and they can probably come up with some really cool ideas that you haven’t thought about.

They will likely be more than happy to help you with the design details, too. What kind of arts and crafts projects could they do that would look awesome in their room? Are they old enough to help with the painting? If not, maybe they could place the decals on the walls or help you decide where to put them. Let them help, and create some magical memories together.

Age is a state of mind, and you are never too old for fun. Adding Disney-related items around a house can help make it so much more; they can help make it a home. Have fun decorating!

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