20 Amazing Office Wall Decor Ideas

20 Amazing Office Wall Decor Ideas

If you always thought that walls are just a means of creating boundaries, then it is time you rethink on those grounds! Believe it or not, Genius Office Wall Decor Ideas can actually add a lot to employee creativity. It has been observed that walls that have bright colors and interesting patterns have helped employees to tickle their imaginative side and bring forth out of the box ideas to the same old problems.

There are all kinds of options for removable wallpaper and wall murals nowadays. Find one with a fun pattern to create a statement wall and liven up your office in a big way.

Yes, woven wall hangings are still in. Since you can easily find them in neutral colors like brown, gray and cream, they make a nice soft option for your office wall. Your space will feel more like a living room after hanging one of these.

Of course it doesn’t have to be drawings or paintings of nature to be art. Take your collection of shells, pressed flowers or stones and mount them in a shadow box for your office wall. You will appreciate looking at your favorite nature collection every day.

Bringing plants to the office is always a nice idea, but sometimes it isn’t practical or even permitted. If you’re pining for some nature in your work life, find a couple prints that display leaves or flowers or anything from the great outdoors for the same effect.

Inspiration is important to help motivate you through the workweek slump. Hang a canvas in your office with one of your favorite quotes displayed on it. It could be something work related or just helpful to get your mind back on track.

There’s nothing so official as your own monogram. Whether you make it yourself or buy your letters, hanging your initials in your office will make you feel like the boss of the place.

When your office is mostly gray or brown, it will be extremely beneficial to your walls to add some sparkle. Look for a wall sculpture that suits your fancy and make sure it’s in a shade of gold, silver or copper. It will really set the tone for your office.

It is very important for you to have a perfect place to work where you are able to create a seamless blend of creativity and functionality. If you are able to achieve this, trust us, you will be amazed at the increase in productivity. I know, you are going to be very happy about this, because Genius Office Wall Decor Ideas have increased efficiency at work is a great way to start off with. All set to begin the journey, but confused as to where to begin? Don’t worry peeps! Why are we here for?

By having some of the best employees at work, you will have lot of such moments that make your pride-radar bigger. Use the walls to frame all those certificates, prizes and moments of appreciation.

Keep The Wall Free For Doodling

Make some space and arrange some materials for people to let their creative side out. Let them doodle what they like and give space for it to be erased by them later.

A Meshed Wall Organizer

You can have this customized wall for different teams. This wall will have a black mesh put up on the wall, which will help the team setup their priorities on them. Be it a deadline to meet, or the to-do list for the day.

Get Some Moments On It

Be it team appreciations or some amazing achievements for the company, let this wall do that talking. You can also go more creative and have this wall to capture some candid moments. How? If you see your team having some fun on the floor, randomly capture the moment and put it up on this wall for the rest of the office to see.

Represent Your Office Values On It

What are the principles and values of your company? Represent them in the form of pictures and graphics on this wall. Let people walk past it every time, rethink on the value systems and always make their professional decisions based on them.

A Wall Of Life

Wondering what this is? Heard of indoor plants right? Why not have some greenery instead of those boring plain walls? You have tons of plants that are grown for interior living walls. Choose the right size and place to hang this and see how it brings natural lighting to the office.

Let Peers Thank Each Other

A simple thank you for just filling in, or a big thank you for a huge support in an important project, I am sure, each of your employee will have a reason to thank each other. Let this wall help them to appreciate. The employees can either write with markers on the wall, stick notes, or just paste pictures of the employees.

Inspire Your People

Get some real time heros messages, pictures or quotes stuck up on the walls. To get the real type touch to it, put up the quote and let the onlookers get who must have said that? Isn’t it a great way to engage your peeps?

Chalkboard Art

This old school wall décor is the latest trend. It is simple and requires less maintenance. So, get going with this and make it look as natural as possible.

While we have told you above that this helps to boost productivity, here are some other reasons as well, they may push you even more to get some really cool office wall décor done –

  • It helps you to change the office environment. People definitely look for stress busters at work. So, why not get them to a place where they can stare at something interesting?
  • It will give them a good thing to talk about. Get your office people out of that cliché gossips which are not going to lead them anywhere. Instead give them a topic to talk upon. This creative wall of yours will help you do that.

So move away from those boring plain walls now, and get going to these awesome decors today!


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